COCORO HOUSE BOOKS publishes books and children’s books that heal and nurture the reader’s mind and become the essence of the spirit and enrich the reader’s life. In children’s books, we focus on education to support children’s social, emotional, empathy and compassion growth and learning, written by experienced teacher in the field of early childhood education. If you are interested in any of these books, please check them out.

Our Story


We publish valuable books for the children, parents, Teachers and Educators in Childcare, Kindergartens and lower grades of Primary School to overcome the many challenges that children face as they grow up.

An author has written books with a wealth of educational experience and has been involved in Kindergarten education, parent-child counselling, and education for children with additional needs in Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.

We will publish in a picture book style. Through our books, we will provide learning opportunities about children’s independence, resilience, compassion, empathy, and respect for interacting with people, nature, and the environment, embracing diversity, curiosity, cooperation, self-confidence while increasing self-esteem, creativity, sense of responsibility, enthusiasm, tenacity, imagination, problem-solving skills, and research ability, so that you can develop various skills.

Spiritual & Affirmation

We publish books that are the essence of your heart so that you can spend your daily life more enjoyably and happily.

book design collections

The design for these Collections is selected from our published books.
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We publish easy-to-use and easy-to-organize notebooks that are useful for everyone in various situations.

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