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THE UNICORN CLUB ~The Day You Begin~

Author: Asako Eastwell
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This story serves children with a heartfelt message about confidence, positivity, and believing in yourself, and helps parents and educators who want to help children cope with starting school.


Discover an adorable children’s story about making friends and embracing new experiences!

Amelia loves to draw Unicorns more than anything else in the world! But when it’s time to start her first day of kindergarten, she doesn’t want to go. She’s worried that she’s too shy to make any friends. Luckily for her, the magical power of Unicorns – and a bit of positivity along the way – will help Amelia get over her worries and discover that kindergarten is a fun place to be after all!

Imbued with a beautiful and heartfelt message about confidence, positivity, and believing in yourself, this adorable children’s story inspires children ages 3-7 to embrace new experiences, make new friends, and not be afraid to share their interests. Bursting with vibrant illustrations and loveable characters by Liana Tjen, THE UNICORN CLUB serves as a delightful story for parents and educators who want to help young children cope with starting kindergarten or preschool or primary school.

Book details:

  • Brings The World of Unicorns To Life With Colorful Illustrations and a Lighthearted Story About Hope and Positivity
  • Shares Powerful Themes and Lessons To Help Your Child Practice Social and Emotional Growth
  • Great For Encouraging Kids Ages 3-7 With The Emotional Tools They Need To Cope With New Experiences and Make New Friends
  • Perfect For Bedtime Stories, Group Reading, One-On-One, and as a Reading Exercise
  • And Makes an Imaginative Gift Idea For Your Child, Grandchild, Niece or Nephew!

As a brilliant resource for aspiring Early Childhood Teachers to develop children’s confidence, boost their self-esteem, and learn how to support their students’ individual emotional development, this charming story by experienced Early Childhood Teacher Asako Eastwell is a sure-fire way to set yourself and your students up for success.

Are you ready to discover the story of Amelia and her Unicorns? Then scroll up and grab your copy now!


ISBN: Hardcover  9780645491203
ISBN: Paperback  9798444058237

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